Bárbara MartInez grew up performing in New York City. Originally from Venezuela, she follows a lineage of celebrated Argentinian tango singer/actresses Morenita Rey and Libertad Lamarque. Growing up, visual arts surrounded her, as her father Rafael Martínez is a renowned Venezuelan sculptor.

For almost 20 years, Bárbara has worked as a dancer and singer with numerous flamenco dance companies, also dancing in Carmen and La Traviata at the Metropolitan Opera, where she sang as a child. Her experience with experimental theater began with the off-broadway company Mabou Mines at age 12 and continued into work as an actor, dancer and choreographer in multimedia musical plays written and directed by her mother, Amelia Arenas.

In 2010, Bárbara performed at Carnegie Hall/Weill in solo concert to a sold out house with a her flamenco group. This solo project has grown to include South American, Middle Eastern and Sephardic music with jazz musicians, maintaining the essence of flamenco at its core. She appears in the documentary “Sobre Las Olas – A Story of Flamenco in the U.S.” by Carolina Loyola-Garcia and the photography exhibit “100 Years of Flamenco in New York” produced by NY Performing Arts Library and Carlota Santana Flamenco Vivo.


Photographer: Noe Martínez