Thank you’s

I hope the Thanksgiving holiday was sweet for everyone. It always makes me think about friendship and what makes them long-lasting when they are.


And on Saturday, we had another beautiful show at Club Bonafide, where the audience is somehow always magical to me. People who come to our shows there, come willing to be taken on a journey where they come through wide-eyed and trust me to enjoy what their sense take in. OLE! 

My colleagues, Adrian Alvarado and Jeremy Smith, were as generous as ever with their talents. This was the first time I have worked with them together and also the first time I sang one of my favorite Brazilian songs, Encontros e Despedidas, a creation by the angel, Milton Nascimento. 

I am ever so thankful to all of you were came to make this the beautiful event that it was. 


Oh, and I also got to enjoy a performance by my musical sister, Carmen Estevez. I feel super honored to be her friend. She blew me away with her band, Brooklyn Gypsies, which she sings with and also plays percussion. She is an inspiration to all women for sure!